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The Scott Sandusky Family

The Scott Sandusky Family

Friday, September 7, 2012

Thank you all for your support! There are several new, exciting things happening to support the Sanduskys at (T-shirts, wrist bands, NASCAR endorsement) . From this point forward please visit for all updates and fundraising activities. And TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Social networking really gets the message out!!! Grace and peace, Rusty

Monday, August 20, 2012

Fund raising progress

Thank you to all of you who have donated and shared prayers for Scott and his family. I am sure you are curious to know if the need is being met. Donations made through this site currently total $9000 from 40 donors. The site has had nearly 5800 visits from people in 10 different countries! As you can see there are many who are concerned for Scott and his family. About 8% have donated. Maybe the rest think the need is being met. I think it is necessary to illustrate the need to encourage additional contributions. Before he is done, Scott will have had expenses for more than 6 major surgeries, parametic fees, airflight to the hospital, 2 weeks in the hospital, several days in ICU, rehabilitation, prosthesis, income loss and more. Scott is self employed. His insurance will only cover a portion of the cost. In the weeks to come it will become more clear how much their out of pocket costs will be. The intent of this fund raiser is to meet that need. I believe the need may be in the tens of thousands of dollars or more. I post this in hopes that you will contribute what you can to meet the need. $10 or more from everyone that has visited the site would meet the goal. Please reconsider your benevolence budget and contribute at least $10 if you can. Please share this post on your Facebook page. Most of the site traffic has come from there. The rest has come from email. We need to rally once more to make our support for the Sanduskys a complete success.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Progress report

Facebook post from Scott at 3:00 this morning.

Thanks for all of your prayers and support. "I AM ALIVE". Keep praying for me and my family. We WILL make this climb!

And a photo posted by Brian Patrick during a visit in the hospital yesterday.

My friend and brother Scott Sandusky continues to make progress after his accident and amputation this week. Had another operation yesterday that went well. He has told Karol his wife to get some rest, so he's already thinking about taking care of her (typical him)! His spirits are good. This is the Scott I've always known. is a website where you can contribute to his medical expenses (money goes straight to him and his wife). Here is a photo of him in the hospital with his parents and some friends.

Friday, August 17, 2012

There is a new post by Scott's brother, John, at

Please support the Sanduskys financial need with small or large donations at either site.  All proceeds go directly to the Sanduskys.  Even $10 will help Karol pay for gas as she travels 80 miles round trip to the hospital each day.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I am posting this to reduce any confusion or concern that may arise from there being two fund raising sites circulating at the same time.

This site was set up by Rusty Greene per Carrie Ann Mosley's request and the site was set up by Jason Hardin and Dan DiGarmo. I think it is wonderful that our Christian family is so concerned for the Sanduskys!  It is normal in situations like this to have multiple groups of loved ones gathering money for the cause.  We just usually didn't overlap our efforts in the pre-social media days. Since this link and the one above may reach different contacts through the social network I think it is best for now to leave both active.  More points of distribution with the same goal.

I have also gotten feedback that the "Donate" link is NOT visible when viewing from a mobile device.  Sorry about that.  Just click the "Full Web Version" link at the bottom and you will see the link.  This link is tied directly to Karol's PayPal account, no middle man.  She will get your donation immediately!  You will get a confirmation email from PayPal that your contribution has gone to Karol's account.

This purpose of this site is to raise funds for the Sandusky family as the medical bills start coming in from the surgeries, rehab, and prosthetic. Scott owns his own construction business and is a part time preacher at the Concord church of Christ. Karol, his wife, is a stay at home mama to their 4 children (ages 18 months, 3, 7 and 8). This is a precious family who fears the Lord, does His will, and serves others. They are in need of prayers and financial help in the long journey of healing that Scott is on. If you see fit to help in any way, God Bless You. There are many in need in the world. We need more doers like Scott, so let’s all pick up the slack and be the ones to say, "let's go do it" until Scott can be a doer for others again. 


Rusty Greene
The Scott Sandusky Fundraiser
“a go-to guy”
by Carrie Ann Moseley

We all know of someone who is a “go-to” guy. Someone who is always willing to help a friend or stranger, without telling you they already had plans. Someone who uses their time and skills to assist those in need regularly. Scott Sandusky is a go-to guy. He is energetic, skilled at anything using a hammer, nails or a tool, and when he hears of a need he usually responds, “let’s go do it”!

Scott has been a counselor at a summer camp for young Christian kids for six summers. He has been to Africa on a mission trip and was slated to go back to Africa in 3 weeks. He helps people move, repair their homes, and find part time employment when things are tough. Now he needs our help.....

On Tuesday morning, August 14th, Scott was unloading a trailer for the business he owns, Sandusky Construction. He had a hydraulic trailer on the back of his truck and was standing between them. The trailer lurched forward and pinned Scott between his truck and trailer on the right leg. He called his wife of 13 years, she called paramedics and went to his side. Scott was taken to a nearby hospital where x-rays confirmed that all of the arteries in his leg had been severed and the bone and muscles had were crushed. He was then air-lifted to the Carolinas Medical Center main branch where he had two surgeries to try to control bleeding and repair is leg. The bleeding could not be controlled. Eight hours later a 3rd surgery was needed to remove Scott’s right leg 4 inches above the knee in order to save his life.

As Karol sat beside Scott before his amputation surgery she could only think of the passage in Job, where God was telling Satan of the faithfulness of Job and that he could handle being tested. Karol kept thinking, “consider my servant Scott” because she knew this was a test...the test you want to be ready for, but cannot imagine. Scott and Karol are heavily leaning on their faith, prayer and God’s people to get them through this tragic accident.